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About Us

“CANSU Enerji Hizmetleri Yatırım Ticaret ltd. Şti. (Cansu Enerji)”

Cansu Energy Team

Cansu Enerji was founded by Mr. Cevdet Erkmen, Mr. A. Nuri Turkeeş and Mr. Halil İbrahim Özen in 2009. As can be seen in CVs Mr. Cevdet Erkmen and Mr. Halil İbrahim Özen are the senior experts on energy sector with the long period experiences in Turkish Electricity Authority (TEK), Turkish Electricity Generation and Transmission Co.(TEAŞ), Electricity Generation Co (EÜAŞ) and private sector. Mr. Nuri Turkeeş also has a large experience on the machinery technology sector in China especially in cement and energy equipment area.

Cansu Enerji teams had been working under “Cevdet Erkmen Consulting” for a long time before the foundation of the Cansu Enerji. The project teams which were in a cooperation and coordination with Mr. Cevdet Erkmen for approximately ten years in different projects, are working in a cooperation and coordination of “Cansu Enerji” now.

Cansu Enerji has following two main activity fields:

  • Consultancy for Energy Projects for all kinds of power projects for all stages.
  • International Cooperations with China electromechanical equipment suppliers for Turkish energy investors and for the investors abroad.

Consultancy works include, project development, project evaluation, feasibility study, project management, owner’s engineering and operating support for all kinds of power generation and electricity distribution projects.

Cansu Enerji is also working with” HS Energy” as the project partner for wind and solar energy projects. Mr. Cevdet Erkmen is also personal profit share holder of HS Energy. HS Energy has large experience in wind and solar projects with very effective wind and solar project development softwares. The wind profile and wind map of Turkey have been prepared for Electrical Research Administration (EIE) by HS Energy staff under ETC-IS contract. The company is working on the regional and overall solar energy potential of Turkey.

About Team Member

Mr. Cevdet Erkmen / cevdeterkmen(at)cansuenerji.com

Mr. A. Nuri Turkeeş /

Mr. Halil İbrahim Özen / ibrahimozen(at)cansuenerji.com