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Consultancy Activities

Cansu Enerji is dealing with following consultancy activities:

  • Consultancy for Energy Utilities: Reorganization, staffing, investment planning, cost analyses, demand forecasting, pricing, capacity planning, management services are given to the electricity generation and distribution utilities.
  • Project Evaluation: Thermal, hydro and renewable energy generation project are evaluated for the investors.
  • Project Development: Thermal, hydro and renewable energy generation project are developed for the investors.
  • Feasibility Studies: Cost analysis, feasibility study, profitability for all kinds of electricity generation and distribution projects are done in this concept. And due diligence studies for existing electricity utilities in addition to the above studies are performed.

International Cooperations In Equipment Supply

1. Electromechanical Equipment Supply

Cansu Enerji supports the energy investors with machinery and equipment procurement from China. The company has a branch in Beijing in China under the coordination of Mr. Nuri Turkees who is the China Business Director of the Company.

2. Other International Cooperations

1.) Cansu Enerji has an exclusivity agreement with SEVASTOPOL INVEST in Ukraine. Sevastopol Invest is the energy company of Sevastopol Municipality. The government of Ukraine issued a special law in order to establish a new electricity generation plant (co-gen) for matching the electricity demand of Sevastopol city.
The protocol exclusively gives the right to Cansu Enerji to chose the investor for 50 MW Co-gen (natural gas based) to be constructed in Sevastopol, either financer or turn-key constructor with their finance or investor under BOT model.

Project Experiences Of Cansu Energy Team

In Electromechanical Equipment Supply Side:

In Consultancy Side: