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Thank you for visiting the Cansu Energy web site. cansuenerji.com e-mail addresses of members and customers, and other personal information under any name, does not disclose any reason, and before any deal, will not sell, share, do not use and abuse. e-mail addresses of members and customers cansuenerji.com and related publicity campaigns are used to send news. If this type of us do not want to receive e-mails or e-mail at info@cansuenerji.com responsible for customer service to our notice.
cansuenerji.com, e-mail addresses and other personal information, except the overall site usage information, anismak.com their services provided for visitors to track the movement more efficient and to enable its customers more specific and more effective services in order to analyze interpret and work with partners may want to share. cansuenerji.com all documents on the web site, picture, and publish information and may not be reproduced without permission. Moreover, the aforementioned manufacturers names, part numbers, symbols and other descriptive phrases are used for reference purposes only. And other statements that referred to parts, original equipment manufacturers and brands do not mean that. cansuenerji.com on the link above for reference purposes does not take any responsibility. These links are for reference purposes only. Source of the problems that may occur from the opposite sideCansu Enerji does not accept responsibility.
Cansu Enerji The orders for the security of the payment, invoices, delivery address information to the control unit is realized. Cansu Enerji therefore from the first time in order that customers can come to the stage of an order for the supply and delivery of the first to be approved and confirmed the accuracy of financial information about the e-mail or Fax'ın need to be sent to the customer. If deemed necessary Cansu Enerji Web Editorial Board may make changes to the Privacy Policy. Changes will be announced on cansuenerji.com index. Privacy Policy is not a contract.