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“CANSU Enerji Hizmetleri Yatırım Ticaret ltd. Şti. (Cansu Enerji)”

Cansu Enerji supports the energy investors by machinery and equpment procurement from China. The company has a branc in Beigin in China under the coordination of Mr. Nuri Turkees who is the China Bussiness Director of the Company.

a.) Cansu Enerji is the partner of the BJWXH Engineering Consultancy Ltd. Co. in china under Mrs. Ma Lifang’s management. The china brach and the China company have large experience about China and chinese machinery and equipment manifacturers in eneregy and cement industry. They spend big efforts to make the customers happy in their choice of equipment.

b.) Cansu Enerji is the exculisive representative of Chongoing Yunhe Hydropower Group Corporation (Yunhe Group) which is one of the most qualified electromechanical equpment supplier of China in the range of 0,5- 50 MW turbine capacity. Project Experiences of the YUNHE group in Turkey by August 2010 ara as follows:

  • Murgul HEPP (21 MW) of Cengiz group is first power plant which was realized in Turkey by Yunhe Group is at operating test stage,
  • Hasanlar HEPP (5 MW) of Soyak Enerji,
  • Arca HEPP (18 MW) of Güriş Holding,
  • Devecikonağı (26 MW) of BM Holding,
  • Serap HEPP (31 MW) of Ünal Grup,
  • Çobanlı HEPP (21 MW) of Yüksel Grup,
  • Değirmen HEPP (17 MW) of Kais Enerji

    Companies that are contracted with Yunhe Group in 2010. Three other projects about 70 MW are at negotiation stage.

c.) Cansu Enerji is also exculisive contract with BITC which is one of the largest design enstitutes and EPC hydropower conractor of Chine. BITC has the biggest turbine test labrotary in China in the range of 50 MW and more turbine capacity. Electromechanical equipment of Bayramhacılı Dem and HEPP (48 MW) and Güllübağ Dam and HEPP (99 MW) of Soyak Enerji are under construction were contructed by BITC).

d.) Cansu Enerji is working with CNEEC (China National Electrical Equipment Corporation) at project base for the large scale projects which includes the hydropower project BITC does not interest in Turkey and the thermal power projects which was submitted by Cansu enerji. But Cansu Enerji and CNEEC has a cooperation for all kind and size of energy project in abroad as can be seen in next section.

e.) Cansu Enerji is going to make cooperation with a very experienced wind turbine supplier and an electricity outomation system suplier from China (under negotiation).

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