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“CANSU Enerji Hizmetleri Yatırım Ticaret ltd. Şti. (Cansu Enerji)”

1.) Cansu Enerji has an exclusivity agreement with SEVASTOPOL INVEST in Ukraine. Sevastopol Invest is the energy company of Sevastopol Municipality. The government of Ukraine issued a special law in order to establish a new electricity generation plant (co-gen) for matching the electricity demand of Sevastopol city.
The protocol exclusively gives the right to Cansu Enerji to chose the investor for 50 MW Co-gen (natural gas based) to be constructed in Sevastopol, either financer or turn-key constructor with their finance or investor under BOT model.

2.) The other company that Cansu Enerji is in a cooperation in Ukraine is TEKHCOM UKRAINE (the development company). Cansu Enerji and Tekhcom Ukraine Made an agreement with one of the Chinese international EPC contractor company (CNEEC-China National Electrical Equipment Corporation) in order to realize totally 2.000 MW power plants in Ukraine starting with the 50 MW Sevastopol Power Plant (Natural Gas based) as the EPC contractor with Chinese Eximbank credit under Ukraine government guarantee or international bank guarantee.

3.) Since 2008 Cansu Energy has been dealing with the Georgian energy sector structure and investment conditions in order to develop projects for foreign investors in Georgia. Now a study is being done for a coal fired thermal power project .

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